Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Its simple being alone

halu... i'm back... sooooo many works to do n again diz nite i dun sleep.. huhu~ being a degree student such a miserable life for me... but it was fun.. lot works to do as much experiences i gained.. its very worthy!

back to my topic.... why am i said so??? it juz my feelings rite.. yeah sumtimes its good to hv an accompany but for this time, i hv chose to be alone... juz me who doing all decision n anything is on meeee~ huhu~ so those people who i push away...... its not bcz u r bad (well mybe some is yeah u r bad)... but the thing is here>>  its juz bout me... its my life... so dun u dare to step again into my life once u thrown me away~ i dun hate u but i dun want u anymore... juz go on wif ur life as u chose b4... nothings bad here... juz understand the way i understood bout u! thank u!