Monday, November 22, 2010


Assalammualaikum everyone!!!! It seems very long time even now is a holiday time…. Wat to do guys… lots work to do, kenduri to be attended, rewang should joined… hahahahaha…. Seriously I never get a time to write sumthing on this wall… so missed on writing in diz wall… now, I'm sitting to re-call back all the song of my heart while I've been far away from diz carpet….
Firstly, I wanna told u'all my DEGREE LIFE…. As I told u b4, it was miserable n unpredictable life… get off early in the morning n only back at 6.30pm… dat is when there no claz in dat nite…. But there a claz on Tuesday's nite… so I hv to go back to faculty b4 6.30pm as my claz is from 6.30 to 8… then hv to walk wif my bestie, peah….. however, there r so much experiences…. The lecturers were superb!!!! Even the claz was bad from segamat, but the air was ok!! N frenz….. wow!!! Unexpected….. it was totally OKAY!!!!

Wif encik shahrul yg gile2… heee.. TERBAIK!!!

2ndly bout EXAMINATION WEEKS…. It was so tough… I had 2 reading papers in two days… however, it wasn't so stressed.. I guess I still can cope wif the time n all the things… thanks to ALLAH… it was a pleasure to hv extra classes especially for subject FIN 538… thanks to encik Shahrul for the commitment….. heeeeee~

3rdly, HOLIDAY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!! Heeee~ finally now is the time for rest in peace without thinking any assignment or classes… the brain need a peaceful time rite now… somehow, until yesterday (21/11/2010) there's so many kenduri to be attended n I need to go as a helper bcz it was a long time dat I nvr been 'rewang'.. it was tired but it was fun… hearing makcik2 n nenek2 talking bout their children n the fav question to me àbilo ekau nk kawen???? Hahahahha~ there's long way to go…. 

Waiting for my prince to hand a tepak sirih… heeee

There's a lot story dat I wanna wrote in diz carpet… however, ingt2 lpe la…. So I'll continue next time… diz week I'll go to subang jaya to attending miza's sis wedding…. Wedding again!!!!! Heeeee~ till then, take care n luv u all…. Muahxxxxx