Thursday, March 10, 2011

AwEsOme week!!!!

such a hectic life when one happened in once! can u imagine i am holding a portfolio as the class representative of OPKIM PERDANA SELANGOR 2011 which need me to complete this project within two weeks or less i think.. huhuhu~ at first, i'm really afraid of holding another responsibilities but somehow my heart is eager to catch the job! wat a packed schedule for this week...

saturday (5 mac) - in-charge of Part 2 modul (explorace) n online quiz
sunday (6 mac)   - a sad story happened!
monday (7 mac) - monetary quiz
tuesday (8 mac)  - derivatives test
wednesday (9 mac) - OPKIM last meeting
thursday (10 mac) - Petronas seminar, investment analysis test, taklimat OPKIM to members 
FRIDAY (11 MAC) - driving class n ????? its the beginning of OPKIM 2011

hahaha~ so how was it??? great rite?? chang3~ such an another awesome week.... somehow i managed to forget wat really need to forget n re-arrange back my self as i step into UiTM Shah Alam for the 1st time... again i've been abandoned n feels rejected... but no sympathy or wat-so-eva.... i really dun need it!!! now i've set up back my mind n there's no turning back.... 

so wat will be my future plan for becoming week???

sunday (13 mac) - come back from gombak setia (perhaps not very tired)
monday (14 mac) - again monetary quiz (pray there's no quizzes >_< ) n group discussion on Islamic bankg
tuesday up to next day still not planned yet as the brain has stopped at its maximum condition... :((

really tired but i treat all this as the preparation for the work... perhaps i can teach my self to be strong enough to face all the challenges now n future... very sleepy rite now... zzzz.ZZZZZzzzz nitto!


  1. gila pack jadual akk..anyway, jangan tension2 key..
    solve it slowly dear sis ;)