Saturday, May 7, 2011


how am i explain this...??? i'm juz getting tired of being a best+ understandable +caring person beside u... yes i might not knowing who really u r.. n even we never met for once.. but somehow i believe we can be friend... but now, u point me wrong... wat exactly in ur mind? wat exactly u think about me?? i juz want to be a friend that could be ur tears n ur laughs.... am i so wrong...? n heyyy come on! i'm in my final exam week! could u be an understandable fren for once!!! n i'm having 2 straight papers that much more important... if u still n still behave like this, its preferable to be alone than having u!!! juz get my head spinning around thinking of u!!! n becoz of u n 'that person', i made a decision of deactiving my FB!!! i couldnt stand of urself... from now on, get urself by ur own!!! dun ever turn to me! lets the time kill everything... end of us!!!

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