Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Getting Self Unpacked~~~


Alohaaaaa everyone~ weeeee~ yesterday is the end of 4th sem Finance student.. n u noe wat! i only got 1 more sem for study n 1 more sem to be done my practical work!!! yahoooo~ cant wait to finish it up! 

but somehow, deep in my heart i felt sooooooo wooried :(( this sem was very, very n very tough sem for me... i so scared of i couldnt make it through... yesterday b4 sleep, i told my BONDA... 'mama, sory ye kalu xdpt DL sem ni'... its so sad n hard for me to telling all this... thus, i need to calm myself down n redha of wat i'll going to get... >_<

well i need to unpacked my stuff!!!! bcz tmrw i need to go back to uitm s.alam as i've got another programme to be done.. n i'm near to get my driving license... weeee~ hope everthing will be fine.. till then, lots of luv... muahxxxxx ;p

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